Welcome Gunslinger W

Gunslinger Research is proud to welcome Gunslinger W to the team! He brings years of military and law enforcement experience to the brand. Gunslinger W, looks forward to bringing content that meets the Gunslinger Research standard!

Gunslinger Research is Growing!

If you are a regular reader you have probably noticed a few changes around the website. Gunslinger Research is proud to announce some new and exciting changes! First, we will be expanding our weekly article format. All articles going forward will feature a new e-magazine format including more images, more content and more of the “slightly sarcastic” writing you all know and love.

Second, we are expanding our staff! That’s right, starting in September we will be adding new content creators, photographers and more!

Sadly, when there is good news there must also be bad news. Gunslinger P has decided (due to work commitments) to depart from GR, he will be missed and he may make a guest appearance or two on the website, but he will be stepping down as a content creator.

A thanks to everyone that has supported us on Instagram, Facebook and the website! Stay tuned there is more to come!

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