What to expect in 2018!

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As our first year here at Gunslinger Research draws to a close, we realized it has been a wild year for us. Starting this site, mastering editing and, web design, engaging with graphic designers and our colleagues in the broader tactical community, this was a learning experience to be sure. As we come up on our 1-year anniversary it’s time to renew our vision and refocus on bringing our readers new content. Our theme for this year is all about building your warrior lifestyle and we hope you will enjoy the variety of content we have in store.


In the modern day where everything is at our fingertips, it’s easy to let fitness fall to the wayside. However, if you wish to live a warrior lifestyle then you need to accept that a strong body is not optional. It is a necessity. Fitness forms the foundation on which many of our skills sit. A strong body is more resilient, a fit individual generally has not only improved physical but also mental toughness. It simply takes proverbial guts to get under a barbell or complete a round of pull-ups to failure.


We toss this word around a lot. What is a mindset? Well simply put a mindset is our established set of attitudes. A good place to start is our ethos page. This year, we are going to be building on some of our previous content like Officer Involved shootings, and we are also going to tackle the mountain that is PTSD, and more.

In response to the barrage of questions asking us to “weigh in” on topics of the day, we are now going to be launching a separate blog section where we will do just that. We won’t be political but we will toss our gloves in the ring as uniform professionals. We hope that you engage our topics through our comment system.

Skill Acquisition 

You will probably notice some new sections here on the website. Including Shooting Performance. Our promise to you is in 2018 we will bring a whole new wave of content focused on you acquiring the skills to succeed no matter your battlefield.

From survival to shooting, from knives to boots it’s all here. So, get ready because 2018 is going to be all about building that warrior lifestyle we talk about so much.


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