Why Everyone Should Play An Intense Milsim

Let’s look at the nature of airsoft milsim events: You get thrown into a field, and kept busy.  There won’t be a lot of down time, and you need to think tactically.  You need to work together as a team and follow instructions to win. These are all valuable skills. Moreover, they sound shockingly similar to daily life in a uniform occupation.

So why do so many people who live the warrior lifestyle like to look down on airsoft?  Talking to Gunslinger G and Gunslinger P, I hear the term “Red Headed Stepchildren of the Tactical Community” on a regular basis. This is of course fuelled by a rather long list of factors. 

So why should you bother? An intense milsim will be a very different experience from what you are used to.  Most of the tactical community is used to spending time on a shooting range.  Some of the people living the warrior lifestyle are used to working out in ways that are beneficial to warriors.  Others spend time back packing and hiking to confirm their skills.  The joys of playing a milsim is that it lets you confirm all your skills.  Weapon handling on a two way range, hiking, minor sleep deprivation, etc.  It gives you a chance to find out how much you can push yourself.  It gives you an idea how you will react under fire, and how your fire-and-move skills really are.  

IMG_2357At the end of the day, the entry cost of an airsoft rifle/pistol/mags/ammo/batteries that will work with the gear you already own will cost you a lot less than most new pistols, and a hell of a lot less than a new high-end AR-15…and, while you may not want to tell all your buddies from the shooting range that you went to an airsoft game, I can guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by how much of a challenge to your skills an intense milsim will be.

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