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Profile and photograph courtesy of Pacific Recon. Edited by Gunslinger Research

When you think of Airsoft in Canada, the diverse and active group known as Pacific Recon comes to mind. Airsofters, shooters (IPSC), humanitarians, and a solid group all around Pacific Recon, brings a healthy dose of humour, camaraderie, and food to every event they attend. Gunslinger Research is proud to feature them as our first Team Profile, as they truly embody our core value of Community. You can find Pacific Recon on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to check them out!

Pacific Recon was established in September 2009 by 13 Filipinos that shared the same passion for Airsoft.The team started with the Sparrow unit, led by call signs: Echo2 and Grandjayson, who are the brains behind Pacific Recon. After realizing that the Team could make a difference in the community, we encouraged other Filipino airsofters to join the games and events we attend year round. This tactic paid off and the team quickly grew to 4 more units within the year, Lawin (Hawk) Unit, Habagat (South West Monsoon) Unit, Aguila (Eagle) Unit and Tomahawk Unit. The unit names are chosen to represent the Philippines local birds of prey, weather and weapon. Two years later, Pacific Recon has reached Manitoba (Amihan Unit) and British Columbia. With close to 300 (active and inactive) members within the 3 provinces. Recently we created a new unit – the Cobra Unit that signifies the new Pacific Recon, which reflects the lessons learned from the past few years of play. We are proud to share that Pacific Recon became the first Filipino team in Canada to host a major Milsim event – Op Snake Eyes, which is linked to an active and ongoing operation overseas (the Philippines).

Pacific Recon has an attitude of “no one gets left behind” and this is a mentality that we are proud to share. Even though, the team follows a military style chain of command, we respect and consider the voice of each member through a voting process. We practice, encourage and challenge each member to take on the role of team leader during games and at events to build self-confidence and develop quick reaction on any given task on and off the field.

The team regularly supports games and events with almost all the members participating. Each event or game that we host or attend is like a block party, because of the food, attitudes and camaraderie we bring. This attitude (and food) quickly become a trademark of Pacific Recon.

Today, Pacific Recon’s diverse group of players consists of both Filipinos and those who have embraced the Pacific Recon values. These values have created a strong bond among the team in a very short span of time. A shared love of airsoft and the community has brought together members of every profession and walk of life, including: nurses, contractors, managers, realtors, entrepreneurs, business owners, IT workers, engineers, mechanics, electricians and physicians. Even a Pastor has joined the ranks of Pacific Recon! Outside of Airsoft, we have become active and involved in local charities that have ties to the Philippines and we have supported our home during the (unfortunate) calamities of the past few years. In addition, our team has also established the Pacific Recon Practical Shooting Team, for the shooting sports, however only members that are N/RPAL licensed are permitted (which is almost half of the team). Some of our members are Black Badged and participate in IPSC.

Our mission is to help continue to push and make this airsoft community better than yesterday!

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  1. I’m not a member, but I’m proud to be able to play with Pacific Recon. Awesome bunch of individuals who play with honesty, integrity and a great positive attitude!

  2. Thanks for featuring Pacific Recon. We are much honored.

  3. Camaraderie thats larger than life family in and out the game…. P.r. for life hoooorahhh!!!

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