Why We Buy From Veterans

We are living in an instant gratification age, with the entire world available at our fingertips.  We have access to all kinds of information and products right from our couch…so why does the Gunslinger Research team buy as much as possible from veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, medics and so on?

As members of the tactical community, we like to seek out products and services from those who understand us.  Walking into your local sporting goods store and asking what products they recommend for a 3 day hike will get you answers.  The products they recommend will likely work.  Walk into a local veteran owned and staffed store and ask the same question: you will most likely get a much different response.

Those veterans, retired or current law enforcement officers, fire fighters, medics, etc., are going to recommend the products that they trust either currently or in the past to save a life, perform in the harshest conditions, or provide the best return on your investment.  They aren’t going to recommend the latest product that the manufacturer makes until they can see it, test it and make sure the latest is, in fact, the greatest.

Walking into veteran owned businesses is quite fun: there it the initial, “Can I help you?” and the service any person walking in gets.  Start asking questions like: “what kind of stove do you recommend for my upcoming field ex?” and “some of the guys on my shift are saying that these new tourniquets are awesome, do you have any in stock?” and the whole tone starts to shift.  The professional demeanor starts to drop a little, and, once you let it slip that you are in fact military, a veteran, or a member of the emergency services, you are suddenly chatting like old friends.  You start hearing what the business owner really thinks you need, based on his/her experience and the feedback they have received.

After you purchase products, these business owners seem much more welcoming of feedback.  Buy a piece of kit, take it through its paces, and return to the business.  Start chatting with the owner, and once they find out that you have tested the piece of kit extensively, they want as much feedback as possible.  It doesn’t necessarily make it back to the manufacturer, but that feedback is what helps them help the next customer.

So, you aren’t a veteran, a military member, a cop, a firefighter, or a medic? Why should you prioritize dealing with those companies? Simple: the people who have military experience or worked in emergency services really understand what a true crisis is.  They will bend over backwards to meet your needs if it is a crisis.  They understand the importance of trust, and believe that their word is their bond.  If these business owners say they are going to do something, generally speaking, it will be done.

Above the customer service and product quality there is also the simple fact that veteran owned businesses regardless of the uniform worn by the proprietor almost always give back to the community in some way. As consumers, we should always endeavor to support our local businesses first, the digital age only makes it more challenging to be a member of your community. Shopping local does matter!

So, when those of us at Gunslinger Research need something, we deal with companies owned by veterans, those employed by (or retired from) emergency services first.  Not only do we get better service, we get to make friends along the way, and we are supporting those who have shown that they care about their country and their fellow man more than themselves.

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