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If you didn’t catch The Assault Pack Buyers Guide you should read that article first. In it, we covered the mission essential features and requirements for what makes a truly excellent assault pack. That article also serves to preface our comments and criticisms in our review of the Cannae Legion. In September 2017, we purchased two of the Cannae Legion packs. To this end, we want to make it abundantly clear that we were not approached by Cannae to review their product. In fact, the incredibly positive press made us want to test this pack for ourselves. There are many excellent and long-standing entries into the 24-hour pack category by companies such as 5.11, Kelty, Mystery Ranch and more; the competition for 24-hour packs is fierce!


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The 500D Cordura of the Legion makes the pack lightweight yet extremely durable.


From September 2017 to February 2018 we tested the Cannae pack in a variety of environments including multiple air trips (both commercial and private), 6 arctic excursions in temperatures ranging from -5 to -45 degrees Celsius, multiple range and weekend camping adventures. In addition, Gunslinger G has been using the Cannae as his EDC bag for work housing his laptop, extra mags, lunch and more. In this time the Cannae has produced no failures. Zippers have been tugged hard, the bag has been tossed in and out of our personal trucks, armored vehicles and more.

Made from 500D Cordura Nylon and weighing just 2.9lbs empty the Cannae Legion is lightweight and as seen in our testing, extremely durable. The zipper closures have proven robust to stand up to daily uniform and outdoor use.  The additional plastic hardware on the pack became a pleasant surprise, even in extreme cold we experienced no cracking or failures, which was a major concern at the time of purchase.

The ample hook and loop section on the front of the pack will allow you to attach anything from flags to morale to name tapes with ease, and has the added benefit of limiting the overall amount of hook and loop present on the pack.

The Legion features a large clamshell-style main compartment with laptop sleeve and interior mesh pocket. A reinforced eyewear pocket (which can also house a small digital camera for those who are required to carry one). The outside pocket contains a large main area as well as two smaller zippered interior pockets for small items. The front exterior pocket also contains the standard key clip, and double stanag mag pouches commonly seen on this type of pack.

All in all, we have been pleased with the pocket layout, design, and construction of the pack. However, the exterior sleeves are slightly too small for a standard Nalgene 32oz bottle. This being said these exterior sleeves do allow for a fixed blade knife to ride easily and out of the way on the pack. The hydration pocket is well built but does lack a dedicated pass-through for a drinking tube. Instead, you must align the twin zippers with your designed drinking tube location on the pack. Our personal tastes do view this as a flaw, as a dedicated pass through is generally easier on drinking tubes.



The Legion’s comfortable shoulder straps allow for excellent load bearing, even on extended missions or hikes.


During testing, we carried the Cannae Legion with loads ranging from 5lbs to 45lbs, and the well-padded and designed shoulder straps and waist belt keep the bag situated well under load. The addition of a waist belt was a pleasant surprise, especially in a pack that only has a 21L capacity. While the Cannae is extremely comfortable it does have a much smaller capacity than its contemporaries. When we consider that the Rush 24 (the closest direct competitor in terms of price) has an excellent 37L capacity, the Legion does fall slightly short. For this reason, I would be more inclined to place the Cannae in the 12-hour assault pack category as opposed to the 24-hour.

The Cannae Legion is extremely well made and well optioned for its sub 100-dollar USD price point. While it does lack the capacity of some other packs, it extremely features rich design compensates very well. If you are looking for a small pack that can perform in both permissive and non-permissive environments the Cannae Legion may well be

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