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  • Securing Your Weapon When It Counts

    Gunslinger Research was fortunate to work with the CEO and Owner of TriggerSafe LLC, James Gray to bring this release to the tactical community. In this article we cover the design, application, and development of the TriggerSafe.

  • No Guts Over Gun Belts: A Guide To Improving Your Operational Fitness

    Our guide to improving your operational fitness!

  • OKC RAT Model II Review

    I’m of the opinion that no knife collection is complete without a solid “outdoorsman”type blade.  Before we can dive into the review of the OKC RAT Model II. I want to briefly discuss the criteria that make an ideal blade… Read More ›

  • Communications in the Field

    The biggest lack of skill and equipment in the airsoft milsim world is communications, both hand signals and radios. This article is to show the importance of both, and hopefully get people looking at comms the way they look at… Read More ›

  • Are You Ready For When SHTF?

    No, the staff at Gunslinger Research isn’t trying to turn all our readers into survivalists or preppers.  We wanted to briefly touch on basic emergency preparedness, because we believe that being prepared for everything, not just violence, is part of… Read More ›

  • Simple Nutrition Rules

    I recently had a fairly in depth discussion with someone who in 6 weeks will be undergoing a significant physical selection process. Pull ups, sit ups, running, swimming and buddy carry are all included in the test. To call it… Read More ›

  • CRKT Squid Review

    I never leave the house without a knife of some sort on my person. Whether for defense or simply to “cut stuff” a solid knife is a great tool to have in your EDC. Now, often times purchasing an EDC… Read More ›

  • Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios

    Most tactically minded people spend considerable time on the range. We fire as much of our employer’s ammo (if we are in a uniform occupation) as we can, and then we spend our own money on ammo so we can continue improving our skills on our own time.  We work on speed and accuracy, improving our groupings and our draw speed.  This type of training is absolutely vital to developing and honing the professional or competitive skills.

  • A Case For The .22LR

    I am the first to admit, I don’t shoot a lot of .22lr. While it was the first round I ever shot as a kid, it is not a cartridge I can say I shoot regularly as an adult over… Read More ›

  • The Hidden Cost Of New Gear

    We see lots of people and companies pushing out new product to the tactical community. We have come a long way from the old leather belt and holster with a western revolver, and we are deeply thankful that we aren’t trying to draw Glocks from them. It would be awkward to say the least. The new products all come with a price tag, and we either get excited, or we balk at the price, depending. But we are well aware of the hidden cost of new gear, and it far exceeds the price tag: the building up of new muscle memory.

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