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Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios

Most tactically minded people spend considerable time on the range. We fire as much of our employer’s ammo (if we are in a uniform occupation) as we can, and then we spend our own money on ammo so we can continue improving our skills on our own time.  We work on speed and accuracy, improving our groupings and our draw speed.  This type of training is absolutely vital to developing and honing the professional or competitive skills.

The Hidden Cost Of New Gear

We see lots of people and companies pushing out new product to the tactical community. We have come a long way from the old leather belt and holster with a western revolver, and we are deeply thankful that we aren’t trying to draw Glocks from them. It would be awkward to say the least. The new products all come with a price tag, and we either get excited, or we balk at the price, depending. But we are well aware of the hidden cost of new gear, and it far exceeds the price tag: the building up of new muscle memory.

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