Our Ethos

As warriors we:


  • Accept that real courage is doing what is right. We accept the consequences and adopt moral righteousness as a core value in our daily life.


  • Act with benevolence and mercy. While a warrior is capable of great violence he must also be capable of great kindness and compassion.


  • Are polite. We understand that politeness is the greatest expression of benevolent regard.


  • Demonstrate honesty and sincerity in all things, and we accept that with honesty and sincerity may come consequences.


  • Embody honor irrespective of our battlefield. We recognize that honor is at its core a sense of personal dignity and respect.


  • Show loyalty to our loved ones, organization, country and our individual spiritual belief system. We recognize that personal fidelity is necessary for creating a strong sense of self-worth.


  • Seek to strengthen our minds and bodies each day, we discard that which does not enhance our own strength(s) and adopt that which does.


  • Are equally ready to lead, and ready to follow.


  • We embody this simple ethos each day and demonstrate a sense of personal worth, strength, and kindness that enhances our daily life and the lives of others.
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