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I want to thank everyone at Gunslinger Research for the article “Securing your weapon when it counts.” about our product, Triggersafe.  From first contact with them to finished article was only five days. Professional and squared away describe our interactions. Those that actually do the business can usually judge someone else through conversation and interaction alone. It was readily apparent that Gunslinger Research had been there and done that, while also having the gifted ability to put our discussions and thoughts into interesting and informative print that resulted in opening up our markets in Canada and expanding them here in the U.S. 

I have personally signed up to Gunslinger for the updates and read the articles to gather more information. I would encourage anyone that carries a weapon for work, protection, training or to just be prepared to come here often to gain valuable information from experienced and articulate writers.    

Thanks again to all the Gunslinger Research staff.  Stay safe everyone. 

James Gray

Owner & CEO


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